How Bounty on Broad made its comeback

Jul 16, 2018

By Jacob Steimer
Reporter, Memphis Business Journal

Last fall, Bounty on Broad’s horizon wasn’t particularly bright.

Sales had plateaued just above expenses, and the primary owner of the barely profitable restaurant, Michael Tauer, had decided to move to Boston.

Before moving, though, Tauer sat down with Mason Jambon, who had recently become the director of operations for Loflin Yard and Railgarten, and asked Jambon what he would do to improve the restaurant…

Presenting the Winners of the 2020 Readers Restaurant Poll

Feb 4, 2020

Memphis Magazine

Long-time readers of Memphis magazine will notice a new designation this year for what we’re calling, a little cheesily (but this is a food poll, so: pass the cheese), Super Stars. These Super Stars are first-place winners who received a third or more of the total votes in their categories. When Memphians like a place, we really, really like it. Ever read a social-media comment thread about sandwiches in this city? We take this stuff seriously…

Shaking things up at Grove Grill and Bounty on Broad

July 26, 2018

By, Susan Ellis

Last fall, Bounty on Broad’s horizon wasn’t particularly bright.

Chip Dunham’s given name is Jeffrey, just like his dad, Jeffrey Dunham, the chef/owner of Grove Grill. In fact, “Chip,” is short for, as it often is in these cases, “chip off the old block.”

One could make a pretty good argument that this is certainly the case for Chip, who was lured back to Memphis from Charleston about a year ago to take over the kitchen at Grove Grill….

New chef adds a few new flavors at Bounty on Broad

August 11, 2016

By Jennifer Biggs of The Commercial Appeal

Last fall, Bounty on Broad’s horizon wasn’t particularly bright.

When Bounty on Broad opened in October 2014, it was, for all practical purposes, a restaurant for then-chef Jackson Kramer. In the previous 12 years, he’d been with Wally Joe (the chef and the restaurant), then took over at Interim in that space when Joe left and took his name with him. After running the kitchen for four years, he left in 2009 to go to Asheville, North Carolina, returned to Interim in 2011, and stayed until Bounty, thought to be his restaurant home, opened….

West Cancer Center Celebrity Chef Feature

We know that cancer care is much more than just your treatment. At West Cancer Center, you have access to comprehensive and individualized wellness and support resources from diagnosis all the way through survivorship….

From Blight to Bright in Memphis

May 18, 2018

By Alyson Krueger

On a Saturday in November hundreds of people of all ages savored the mild afternoon in a downtown Memphis hangout named Loflin Yard. Set on nearly two acres, there was something for everybody. Families clustered around bonfires in a sprawling yard. Adults lounged in rocking chairs sipping hot apple cider spiked with bourbon….

Best Bets: Bounty On Broad’s Pork Shank Like Grandma’s

November 16, 2017

By Michael Donahue

I feel like I’ve already had Thanksgiving dinner.

I tried the braised pork shank, a popular item at Bounty on Broad. It’s an enormous braised pork shank resting on a bed of greens and grits in a bowl. It’s fabulous. It’s a feast….

Why Bounty on Broad is a MUST

By Cara Greenstein

Broad Avenue is adding an entire new layer of culture to Memphis—from local art galleries and artisan shops to state-of-the-art boutiques and restaurants. The pinnacle of such a timeless, yet trendsetting, design can be attributed to the brilliance of Chef Jackson Kramer and restaurateur Taylor Berger. They completely renovated a two-story, 100-year-old dry goods store into one of the most sought-after dining experiences of its kind in Memphis, Bounty on Broad…..

Memphis, Tennessee’s Hot Spots

May 2015

By Clay Skipper

I feel like I’ve already had Thanksgiving dinner.

A row of mostly empty storefronts less than a decade ago, Broad Avenue now anchors a revitalized arts district. One of its latest additions is chef Jackson Kramer’s field-to-fork restaurant, housed in a two-story building that’s simple but elegant—like Kramer’s food. The dishes—creamed kale with fried grits; quail stuffed with cornbread and andouille sausage—are served family-style, so bring friends. Or don’t, and eat as if you did….

Top 10 dishes for 2018
Eggplant Lasagna at Bounty on Broad

By Pamela Denney

When Kunal Jadhav’s mother visited from India, Jadhav, who loves to cook and pal Russell Casey, the executive chef at Bounty on Broad, decided to honor her with a special dinner. Eggplant lasagna, one of the duo’s collaborative dishes for the event, was exceptional, earning a permanent spot on the restaurant’s regular menu…..